Anti Cat Scratch Stick-On Shield (2pcs)

Anti Cat Scratch Stick-On Shield (2pcs)

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It's IMPOSSIBLE to train cats from scratching...
It’s part of their feline nature!

The solution? Anti Cat Scratch Stick-On Shield will definitely suit cat lovers, and leaves you with a 100% scratch-proof furniture!

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Ultra-Durable Scratch & Tear Resistant

  • Protects VIRTUALLY anything from kitty's sharp claws!

Hassle-Free Solution

  • Simply stick them on to ANY surface or furniture!

Wipe-Proof & Easily Removed

Perfect for couches, cabinets, tables, and more...

  • No more beloved felines scratching the sofa again! This Anti-Cat Scratch Stick-On Shield is a total MUST-HAVE for stress-free cat ownership.


Main Material/s: PVC

Available Sizes: Approx.

  • S — 14 x 45 cm
  • M — 20 x 45 cm
  • L — 30 x 45 cm

Package Includes: 2pcs x Anti Cat Scratch Stick-On Shield