3 IN 1 Copper Pipe Bender

3 IN 1 Copper Pipe Bender

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3 In 1 Copper Pipe Bender is a bending tool for copper tubes, aluminum tubes, and stainless steel tubes, and it is designed for bending tubes with a diameter of 6mm, 8mm, and 10mm. The 3 in 1 design of this bender makes this tool very practical and economical for diverse applications of pipe bending. By using the bender, you can get a wanted angle of matching needs, as this pipe bending tool can bend the tube in a wide range up to 180 degrees. In the meantime, the level action permits easy bending without collapsing the tubing, and it is easy to control by hand.
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  • Calibrated markings for making accurate left-hand, right-hand, and offset bends.
  • Ideal for refrigeration, climate control, oil supply, automobile, hydraulic and air pressure systems.
  • Strong and sturdy construction to smoothly bend copper, aluminum, and other thin-walled steel tubing without crimping.
  • Exact, two-handed bending up to 180 degrees, angles and bends etch marked on the tool to provide simple and clear identification for easy use.

Color: Red.
Weight: 500g.
Size: 26 x 6cm.
Material: Aluminum Alloy.  

1 x 3 IN 1 Copper Pipe Bender