9/16" Stone Splitter (7pcs)

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Packing Included:
7 Set X Stone Splitter (Wedge & Feather)

Wedges and feather shims stone splitter comes in handy when you want to split a larger stone. It forces and squeezes out the free space every time we hammer it, and split down the larger stone into half. Wedges and feather shims are normally used to split hard stone, rock, granite or even concrete. 

The feathers are wide at the bottom, and tapered and curved at the top. When the two feathers are placed on either side of the wedges/plug, the combined width of the set is the same at both ends.

Diameter 9/16"(14mm)
Size: 14x110mm/0.6*4.3 inch
    How to use
    1. Determine the grain of the stone, drill several holes along the grain and remove residual powder inside the hole.
    2. Align the stone splitter and put it into the hole.
    3. Hammer the end of the wedge to the split stone.

    Attention: Keep your drilling straight, hole depth MUST be longer than feather. Wear necessary protective gear, take extra precautions when the rock is about to split to avoid accidents.