Car Headlight Tint Film

Car Headlight Tint Film

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Let your car stand out from the crowd by adding COOLEST, UNIQUE headlights with Car Headlight Tint Film.

This tint film is made of automotive grade cast vinyl, which adds vivid & color changing effects to your car headlights, taillights, fog lights or even part of the windshield, while acting as an extra protection to your lights and preventing dust accumulation.

Suitable for all vehicles like cars, trucks, motorcycles and more.Easy to conform to any curved surfacePerfectly wrap to headlights! 100% weather-resistant and durable even your car is under extreme weather conditions including hot, cold, windy or rainy. 


  • Coolest Car Lights
    The light color changes at different viewing angles.
  • Highly Stretchable
    Able to wrap any shape.
  • Superior Transparency
    Reserves light transmittance up to 90% to ensure safety.

  • Easy to Wrap
    The film is self-adhesive. Just need water and detergent for wrapping.
  • Weather-resistant
    Waterproof and heat-resistance.
  • Extra Protection
    Protects car lights from scratches, dust, dirt, etc.
  • Suitable for any headlights, fog lights, side marker lights, upper part of the windshield, etc.
  • Easy to clean with water.
  • Removable, able to re-position without leaving residue.


  1. Measure the size of the light.
  2. Cut extra 3-5 cm of the regular size.
  3. Clean the surface to remove dust.
  4. Use water mixed with detergent to spray on the light. Stick the film on the light.


  • Material: Vinyl
  • Size: 30 x 100cm
  • Color: Blue, Yellow, Black, Chameleon


  • 1 x Car Headlight Tint Film