Cat Self Grooming Brush

Cat Self Grooming Brush

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You can usually see your cats grinding their body at the corner or the wall, chairs, tables, cabinets and etc.; and sometimes they just grinding at your leg asking for more petting. Well, you don't have to be the cats' slave anymore! Introducing the Cat Self Grooming Brush, a device where you can attach to the corner of the wall or any furniture for your cat to brush and massage on their own. Cat Self Grooming Brush gives your cats the perfect massage and at the same time brush off their dead hair or body dandruff.

To attract your cat get used to the advice, you can put in some catnip into the slot. 

Installation is simple, kindly place the double sided tape at the contact point and place it on the desired place. You can also screw on the Cat Brush into place with all the screw holes provided. 

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