Cat Toilet Training Kit

Cat Toilet Training Kit

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Have you ever wanted to train your cat to use the toilet like a professional so that you don't have to scoop the litter everyday? Here's the toilet training kit for your cat! This is a tray is designed to fit all types toilet bowl, just simply place it on the toilet bowl and secure it with the toilet seat. Train you cat step by step, fill up the tray with cat litter sand at the first stage, until your cat get used to litter on the tray, trip the ring stage by stage. This product comes with an extra tray, just in case you accidentally trimmed the ring too much, you can have a spare one! Get rid of scooping litter now!

Setting up is easy:

*Please make sure that the cat litter sand is FLUSHABLE! 

Package include:

  • 1pcs X Main Tray
  • 1pcs X Extra Tray 
  • 1packet X Cat Nip