Chainsaw Bracket Set

Chainsaw Bracket Set

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Why buy a chainsaw while you can convert one with your angle grinder? Check this out! Covert your angle grinder into a chainsaw by installing this cool attachment on your angle grinder! Introducing Chainsaw Bracket Set, you do not have to get a new chainsaw if you don't have one, just get this grinder attachment, install on your angle grinder and they are ready to use!

Let's check how this works:


  • Please make sure the tension of the chainsaw before use.
  • Apply sufficient lubricant oil on the chainsaw.
  • Keep out of children
  • Wear necessary protective gear while using the chainsaw. 
  • This attachment is for 100mm angle grinder only.
Guide Bar Material :Spring steel
Chain Material :High Carbon Steel
Connecting Rod Size: M10 
Guide bar size : 34cm Length, 6cm 
Chain circle length :about 82cm 
Chain Thickness :approx 4.7mm 
Input Power max:1100 w