Citric Acid Descaler (10packs)

Citric Acid Descaler (10packs)

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Many people use the terms “cleaning” and “descaling” interchangeably, which couldn’t be further from the truth. Descaling is to rid something of built-up calcium and mineral deposits in your machine that collect over time due to continual use of water. Citric Acid Descaler keeps your kitchenware from aging, getting clogged, malfunctioning, and even broken, extending the life and value of what is probably your most used appliance in your kitchen.

Citric Acid Descaler are so efficient and easy to use, anyone can descale and it only take a few minutes out of your day. Limescale especially on stainless steel kitchenware such as kettle, pot, thermos or even cutleries can be easily removed with this product.

  • HIGHLY EFFECTIVE AT AN EXCELLENT VALUE: Powerful and effective yet gentle on kitchenware, our descaler is safe for you and the environment and will restore the performance of your kitchenware!
  • CUSTOM-FORMULATED, UNIVERSAL FORMULA: Not JUST an ideal descaling solution, it is also a food grade descaler!
  • HYGIENE: Regularly using a descaler eliminates limescale / other hard water mineral deposits and prevents corrosion, significantly improves your kitchenware's hygiene.
  • SUITABLE FOR ALL TYPES OF KITCHENWARE: Suitable for cleaning automatic machines, manual machines, pod / capsule / K cup machines, filter machines, commercial machines, cappucino machines, kettles and electric water heaters.

Package Includes: 10pack x Citric Acid Descaler