Digital Tire Tread Depth Gauge

Digital Tire Tread Depth Gauge

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Digital Tire Tread Depth Gauge is a high precision tire thread measuring tool to make sure your vehicles are safe to travel on the road.  Range: 0-25.4mm, accuracy up to 0.01mm. The gauge comes with a large LCD display for easier reading. It also comes with zero (tear) button and one-touch switch to switch between mm or inch reading. 

The portable size of the gauge allows you to keep and travel them in your dashboard or armrest. The electroplated iron probe is specially designed for longevity and wear resistance. Suitable for cars, motorcycles, trucks, vans, and SUV.


1. Keep the gauge clear
2. No water or oil on the bar
3. Remove the battery when not in use for a long time
4. Display flashes when battery power is low
5. Accidental display failure: take out the battery for a few seconds

Package Includes: 1 x Digital Tire Tread Depth Gauge