Drill Positioner Jig

Drill Positioner Jig

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This set of woodworking drill guide is specially designed to help you drill accurately, it works for both perpendicular holes or oblique holes on flat surfaces, board edges, cylinders, and even spheres! Definitely the perfect dowel jig for your tool box!

The base of the positioner or the jig comes with measuring scale on both edges, it is designed to be transparent to have better vision on the drilling position. Hold the jig firmly to improve drilling accuracy.

3 size bushings 6mm, 8mm, 10mm diameter to fit your different size twist drills or woodworking drills.

1.Mark down the drilling point with the locating pin.
2.Put the base board on and adjust it to the drilling point located by the pin.
3.Remove the locator pin,and just drill with the suitable bushing.

Bushings Size: 6mm(0.23"), 8mm(0.31"), 10mm(0.39") 
Housing Board Size: 75 x 75mm(2.95 x 2.95") 
Locator Pin Length: 110mm / 4.33"

Package Includes: 
1 x Drill Guide Set