Dual Headed Shower Head

Dual Headed Shower Head

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Time to upgrade your shower head?

Dual Headed Shower Head is a new innovative product where it gives you a completely different shower experience. Not only it has a water-saving and high-pressure design, but this showerhead also allows you to enjoy both SPA, mist-like water outlet as well as rainfall mode.

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This showerhead is proven effective to save up to 50% water than normal showerheads. Dual Headed Shower Head purifies water and rejuvenates your skin in your bathtub. It has 3 shower modes; rainfall, massage and jetting.

Animated GIFDesigned with soap chamber for you to fill in soap, shampoo or essential oil to bring the whole showering and bathing experience to the next level. Install in just minutes with just one hand-tightening connection. Fits every standard shower arm.


  • Shower Water Pressure: 0.5kg-7.5kg
  • Material: ABS engineering plastics
  • Working Temperature: 0°- 90°
  • Shower Length: 24.7cmx9.1cm
  • Mouth size: standard 4 points (G1/2), diameter: 2 cm

PACKAGE INCLUDES: 1 x Dual Headed Shower Head