Easy Reach Magnetic Scrubber

Easy Reach Magnetic Scrubber

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Odd-shaped vases, narrow-necked bottles, delicate wine decanters, they all have one thing in common: they are hard to clean! Dishwasher or bottle cleaners are still not enough.

Thanks to the Easy Reach Magnetic Scrubber those hard to reach areas can be cleaned with ease. It’s simple to use and effective for cleaning.

  • Made from silicone with magnets to easily control scrubbing
  • Works easily with light strokes of the handle
  • Silicone scrubber has good traction on the surface
  • Ensures no scratches are made on to your glassware
  • Magnetic scrubbers will still work even on thick glass
  • Perfect for any hard to reach kind of bottles or glasses
  • Sports bottles mostly have narrow openings can be thoroughly cleaned too
  • Small and easy to store on your kitchen drawer or stick on your refrigerator
  • Just add warm water with liquid soap and scrub away!

Make cleaning a lot easier and more effective with this Easy Reach Magnetic Scrubber now!