Electric Aquarium Water Change Pump

Electric Aquarium Water Change Pump

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Aquariums can be quite demanding when it comes to cleaning and changing the water. Now, with this pump, you can finish all of those tasks in just a few minutes.

Easily pump water, replace or filter it

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The pump is made of plastic and copper that are both durable and waterproof. You can choose between two different powers and get the one that will work for your aquarium the best.

The suction port is rotatable and easily sucks all of the water and other impurities from the water. Also, it quickly refills the tank and with the small shower, you can keep the ideal level of oxygen for your fish and turtles.


 Full circle rotation of suction port
 Strong suction
 Improves the level of oxygen
 Quick refill and change of water


     Material: Plastic, copper
     Power: 20 or 28 W

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