Electric Grass Burner

Electric Grass Burner

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Get rid of all unwanted weed patches easier than ever! 

Electric Grass Burner is an electric weed burner that will make your garden scaping a real walk in the park. This professional-grade tool with a maximum working temperature of 650℃ will remove all persistent weeds creeping in.

It's eco-friendly since it's powered by electricity instead of commonly used gases and fuels. It does not generate an open flame, removing the risk of fire hazard. 

Never struggle with persistent weeds again! Get yours today! 


  • Electric Grass Burner: The weed burner combines ultra-high 2000W and 230V performance, allowing temperatures up to 650℃ and rapid weed removal. By combining the accessories, your work will be very effective.
  • Weed Torch Electric Safe Use: Compared to traditional weed burners, this product does not need to be used with natural gas, but uses electricity to make it more efficient and safer.
  • Environmental protection: This product operates in an environmentally friendly manner. It is powered by electricity and has no open flame. It does not produce toxic and hazardous substances and gases. Environmentally friendly, it will not cause harm to the human body.
  • Eco weed burner Easy to use: The device is easy to operate and works well. The weed burner is ergonomically designed and the handle is easy to grip, making it uncomfortable for long periods of use. This herbicide has a compact and innovative design with a detachable handle for easy storage.