EZ Door Knob

EZ Door Knob

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Opening doors with your hands full just got easier!

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Introducing the EZ Door Knob, a perfect addition to any doorknob for young children, arthritis sufferers and those who may have trouble gripping the door handle. Providing a better grip surface, these ADA approved clear and inconspicuous covers will fit almost any handle. The installation is simple, you just slip on quickly and easily with no tools required. You also can remove it at any time. This grip is static-shock free so enjoy no more annoying zaps when you touch the doorknob!

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  • Easy-turn doorknobs - makes it easy to turn awkward around doorknobs
  • No-slip grip - provides a better grip for weak and older hands
  • Easy installation - slips on quickly with no tools required
  • No static-shock - no more annoying zaps
  • Inexpensive - can save hundreds in door-handle replacements

Package Included: 1 x EZ Door Knob