Finger Harvest Knife

Finger Harvest Knife

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Are you looking for harvest tool? Well, then take a look at this.

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This Finger Harvest Knife is specially made for farmer or garden enthusiast. It prevents you from finger pain and nail damage while you harvest using bare fingers. It also speed up the harvesting process compared to twine knife. The sharpen knife allows it to cut the brunch with ease while maintaining its durability at the same time.
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  • Wide Application Range: You can use it on gardening, fruit plucking or even food preparation.
  • Finger Protection: No more finger pain problem with this thumb knife!
  • Fasten The Harvest Process: Just simply one pinch, the tomatoes, cucumbers, bitter gourd, grapes, citrus, tea, mulberry leaves, vegetable leaves can be fall off easily.


  • 1 x Finger Harvest Knife
  • 1 x Index Finger Protector