Flexible Cable Sleeve

Flexible Cable Sleeve

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Flexible Cable Sleeve solves all your cables problems! No more messy wiring around you as you can tuck all the cables into Flexible Cable Sleeve, the easiest and tidiest way to manage all your wires or cables with just a pull.

  • The use of Flexible Cable Sleeve effectively prevent children from touching the wire and pets from biting the wire.
  • Wrap the cable to isolate the cable body, ensure there's no leakage!
  • Customize the length of the sleeve, trim it down to the custom size with just a pair of scissors.
  • Multi-size and various color available.

  • FREE CUTTING, SEAMLESS CONNECTION: Simple installation, practical and convenient, to meet your various requirements.

  • CABLE PROTECTION: Install protective pipes on your cables to prevent your pet from biting them. Thus extending the service life of the cable.

  • IT'S EASY!: With six simple steps, you can easily secure your power or data cables.

Different sizes apply to the scene:

  • 10mm: Able to fit up to 6 mouse cable or 1 power cable + 2 mouse cable.
  • 16mm: Able to fit up to 2 power cable +  4 mouse cable.
  • 22mm: Able to fit up to 4 power cable +  4 mouse cable.
  • 28mm: Able to fit up to 6 power cable +  6 mouse cable.


  • Size: 10mm/ 16mm/ 22mm/ 28mm.
  • Color: White/ Black/ Gray.
  • Material: Plastic.

Package included:

  • 1 x Flexible Cable Sleeve
  • 1 x Clip