Heel Cushion

Heel Cushion

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Our Heel Cushion is an innovative heel sole equipped with the latest technology to provide maximum comfort for your heels and relieve pain, blisters and calluses throughout the day.

Now you can wear your beautiful high heels confidently and comfortably.

High heels create a load by pushing the weight on the foot, creating pressure that causes pain and disfigurement. 
The Heel Cushion helps to distribute the weight ergonomically and to improve blood circulation and vein health. 


  • Heel Pain Killer: Silicone protects your heels from pain, blisters and calluses. It reduces the impact and holds the heels and prevents rubbing.
  • Strong Adhesive Design:  Our heel pads have a sticky back that holds them in place. Simply remove the adhesive backing and place the pads on the inside of the shoe.
  • Never slip:  The cushions adapt to the contour of the heel section of the shoe. Silicone material prevents your feet from slipping into your shoes. 
  • Reusable:  These heel pads can be removed and re-attached to other shoes. After washing and drying, the viscosity can be restored.
  • Suitable for all shoes:  High heels, sneakers and boots. Great gadget for the blister prevention of women. An indispensable protective accessory for new shoes.


    • 1Pair x Heel Cushion