Inverted Cap

Inverted Cap

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Tired of waiting or wiggle the sauce out of the bottle? The game changer is here! Inverted Cap makes the stubborn liquid in the bottle gets out effortlessly and easily. Get every drop you paid for!

Inverted Cap comes with 3 sizes of cap, which is 2.3cm, 2.7cm and 3.2cm, fit most of the bottle size universally. The cap provides support for the bottle with the tripod design and it helps to dispense the liquid in the bottle as the bottle is inverted. The cap is operated via an easy to use push/pull valve.

In order to hold the liquid better, Invert Cap comes with different sizes of gasket to prevent leakage. Gasket can be reused and dish-washer save!

Package includes:
1 X Cap
3 X Bottle Socket (2.3cm, 2.7cm and 3.2cm)
1 X Sheet of Gasket

Get one Inverted Cap now for saving time, money and frustration.