Keychain Reading Glasses

Keychain Reading Glasses

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Take your eyesight on the go with the Keychain Reading Glasses. This revolutionary piece of eyewear gives you the gift of sight anytime and anywhere. The glasses have a compact and foldable design. When not in use, the glasses remain in their included case. This case also has a keychain attachment so you can clip it onto your set of keys or even your gear. When it’s time to read the fine print, remove the glasses with the integrated lever. The glasses slide out effortlessly into your hand. The secret to theg lasses is the super flexible titanium alloy bridge and the polycarbonate lenses. The reading glasses come in four different strengths to suit your reading needs.

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  • Product includes the Reading Glasses & a handy keychain case to keep the flexible glasses safe and attached to you wherever you go.
  • Optical-grade polycarbonate lenses (used for high-end prescription glasses) are shatter-proof, lighter than a nickel, and as thin as 2 credit cards.
  • Ultra-flexible, titanium alloy (nitinol) bridge is 10x more elastic than steel springs and guaranteed to never break.
  • Flex-fit technology synergizes titanium alloy's flexibility with independent-suspension nose pads, delivering a universally comfortable yet stable grip on any nose, up high or down low.
1 x Keychain Reading Glasses (Black)