Leather Repairing Tools

Leather Repairing Tools

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Cracks on your leather sofa or car seat is frustrating! Repairing those cracks at the shop cost a lot too. Repair them now with this Leather Repairing Tools, a DIY repair tools for leather and vinyl seats, dash, panel, chair, sofa, vinyl floor, belt, clothing or even purse. Leather Repairing Tools makes the strongest repairs ever

You do not have to worry about the color of your leather or vinyl as it comes with 7 different color, you can mix and get the color you want in the mixing bottle. Not only matches all popular colors, you can get the grains back by using the grain paper that are included in the package! Leather Repairing Tools contains: Intermixable colors (black, blue, green,brown, red, white and yellow) grain paper, spatula and a mixing bottle.



  1. Choose Grain paper that you would like to transfer the pattern on.
  2. Mix compound to right color and apply.
  3. Press grain paper to transfer pattern.
  4. Allow to dry (Heater or hair dryer works great)
  5. Repeat step 3-4 if necessary.


Package includes:

7* Heat Cure Repair Compounds
        1* Vinyl Adhesive
        1* Backing Fabric Piece
        3* Grain Papers
        1* Practice Vinyl Piece
        1* Plastic spatula
        1* Empty Mixing Cup
        1* Instruction Manual