Lightweight Indestructible Safety Shoes

Lightweight Indestructible Safety Shoes

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These Lightweight Indestructible Safety Shoes are built with toughest material in the planet to withstand any damage dealt. They're perfect for both men and women and great for tough working conditions or strenuous outdoor activities.


  • Anti-slip sole: Oil-resistant and anti- slip soles mean you'll always stand your ground and pretty much guarantees that your feet will be safe in any situation.
  • Low cut style: There aren't your granddad's work boots. Stand out from the crowd with these stylish work shoes.
  • Breathable & Lightweight: They are so light, it feels like you're not wearing any shoes. Perfect for working outdoors in the summer.
  • Pierce proof base: The sole has a bulletproof metal base, so even nails won't be able to get through.
  • Steel-toe cap: Whether it's a hammer, a brick or a truck tire- the built-in steel-toe caps will keep your toes safe from crushing and smashing.

 Package Includes: 1pair x Lightweight Indestructible Safety Shoes