Magic Clay Block™

Magic Clay Block™

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Have you ever wondered why those premium car wash result is as smooth as glass? This is the secret! Claying is a magical and mysterious process that only the professional detailers use. They have heard that using a clay bar will remove contaminants and provide a very smooth finish, but they are reluctant to try it. Claying your vehicle is actually quite easy and doing it a couple of times per year will help maintain a smooth, clean finish.

The surface of your vehicle is constantly getting exposed to airborne contaminants that will actually stick to the finish and potentially cause damage. Items like brake dust, industrial fallout, bug residue, tar, etc. Some of these items can be corrosive, and they will start to damage the clear coat and cause rust spots if not removed regularly by using a clay bar. Regular washing doesn’t always remove all of the contaminants from the surface either.

By rubbing the detailing clay across the surface of the vehicles, it will actually trap these particles and contaminants leaving a fresh, smooth finish. Not only does claying prevent potential damage from some of these corrosive materials, but it also provides a smooth surface that allows your sealant or wax to adhere better.

How do I know if my car needs to be clayed? When the car is wet, lightly run your fingers across the surface to see if you feel any rough spots. If so, you’re feeling contaminants that need to be removed. Another way is to use the “bag method”. You can either put your hand inside of a plastic baggie, or use some plastic wrap from the kitchen. Run this across the surface with your hand, and if anything grabs at the plastic, you know that you need to clay.


  1. Take your clay and cut it up into 3 or 4 equally sized pieces. You don’t want to use one big piece because if you drop it on the ground, it needs to be thrown away! You always want a few backup pieces available to you.
  2. Be sure not to use too much pressure otherwise you will risk marring or scratching the finish.


  • Easy and convenient to use.It is soft and is easily deformed.
  • It's fine clay bar.
  • Can remove different kinds of blots such as rust, grease, dead insects contamination and over-spray etc.
  • It can be used in many part of car's body, such as mirror surface, bumper and more.