Multifunctional Luggage Organizer

Multifunctional Luggage Organizer

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"A Revolutionary Add-On For Traveller"

Tired of the fuss, panic and stress of losing your travel valuables? Keep the weight off your shoulders, and your essentials at hand with the Multifunctional Luggage Organizer.


  • Multifunctional Luggage Organizer. is a both a travel organizer AND harness to secure your secondary bag.
  • Designed to help you pull multiple bags with ease, while keeping your essential items (passport, keys, phone, headphones, wallet, currency) organized and accessible on the go!
  • Stays attached to your secondary bag as you go through airport security, Just slide it off the handle and carry it on!
  • RFID Protected to keep your bank cards and NFC passport safefrom identity theft while travelling. 
Ready to work with your current suitcase: The main panel and strap attach quickly & adjust to fit all standard suitcase handles. 
Problem: Other products require you to to completely remove the straps every time you go through security, take a taxi or board the plane.  
Solution: Multifunctional Luggage Organizer's clever design slides off your handle, but remains attached to your secondary bag with your items secured.
It's frustration free luggage for the organised traveller!
Package Contains: 
  • 1 x Multifunctional Luggage Organizer