Mystical Flame

Mystical Flame

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Want to add a little magic to your fire? Mystical Flames are the perfect accessories for any wood burning fire! Simply toss an UNOPENED packet or two into your fire for a magical experience that is sure to delight all ages! It’s the best campfire novelty product on the market today and you’ll be amazed by the vibrant colors produced. Mystical Flame adds dazzling blues, brilliant greens, and delightful purples to transform a boring yellow and orange fire to a dancing rainbow of flames!


  • Please DO NOT or open the packet before use.
  • Please DO NOT cook over colored flames.

Forget about the messy “Color Cones,” “Fire Color Sticks” and “Color Flame Crystals,” Mystical Flames provide a brighter experience. Pinecones and sticks dipped in chemicals require the user to touch the chemicals with their fingers, which can make the user sick if not properly handled. Color crystals require the user to sprinkle the loose chemicals over the fire, which can cause burning and significantly increases chances of inhalation, which can make the user sick. Mystical Flames come in sealed pouches, which will protect the user from inhalation or touching the chemicals and then accidentally touching their mouth or eyes. Mystical Flame packets are easy to toss into a fire.


  • Too cold to go outside this winter? Mystical Flame aren’t just for your outdoor bonfires, campfires or backyard fire pits. Mystical Flames will add vibrant colors to your indoor fireplaces as well!
  • Winter, spring, summer or fall, take Mystical Flames with you wherever you go! Mystical Flames are the perfect camping accessory for campers young and old!
  • Not a big fan of nature? No need to camp or head to the beach to enjoy Mystical Flames. Mystical Flames are the perfect backyard accessory for any in ground or free standing fire pits.

Package Includes: 5 packets (25g/pack) x Mystical Flame