Non-Slip Tumbler

Non-Slip Tumbler

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Spilling drinks on your laptop could ruin your day up, even worst if your laptop is broken due to the spill. In that case, you will try to avoid drinking while you're working. However, we have a better solution for you!

Introducing the Non-Slip Tumbler, it has a suction cap underneath it. The suction cap is designed to hold any side forces applied towards the tumbler but it can be lifted upwards easily. It grips to any smooth, flat, solid surface. This is just perfect for those coffee lovers especially when they are working on a laptop. Furthermore, this product is car cupholder friendly too.

This tumbler is made using BPA-Free materials and it comes with sippy lids made with food grade plastic too. 

Suction ability is tested for empty tumbler to hold up to 60° on a flat surface.