Package Resealer

Package Resealer

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Easily seal any plastic package to keep your food fresh and clean.

There's no worse feeling than the first bite of a stale chip.

Damp, tasteless and no crunch.

The Portable Package Re-Sealer is here to make sure that never happens again.

Simply place the packet you want to seal in between the arms, as you would with a staple gun, and the heat will re-seal the package. It's as easy as that!


  • EASY USAGE: Flip down the PROTECTIVE CAP. Press down on the ARM PRESS for warm up. Depending on the thickness of the bag, press firmly and slightly across for airtight seal. Flip the PROTECTIVE CAP back up when done. ***Requires two AA alkaline batteries (per Mini Heat Sealer). Batteries not included.
  • MULTI-FUNCTION: Keep all edibles (groceries, chips, candies, snacks, leftovers) FRESH and DRY. Avoid containers that don’t truly keep food sealed from air. Any type of plastic or aluminum bag is subject to the power of sealing.
  • CONVENIENT: Mini Heat Sealer combined weighs less than half a pound. The size makes it extremely portable to take from your kitchen, to vacations, fishing, and/or to any camping trips. When not in use, you can easily store it away in any drawers or use the magnetic strip and place on your refrigerator.

1 x Package Resealer (Blue)