Valentine's Projection Necklace

Valentine's Projection Necklace

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What is Projection Necklace ?

  • Two-in-one chain, divided into outer and inner rings, and the inner ring is the most exciting part.
  • Exquisite micro-carving technology can project 100 languages of I LOVE YOU
  • Perfect gift for your WIFE and GIRLFRIEND!

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  • Design Concept: I ❤ you - 100 languages are engraved on the pendant, and the necklace is worn close to the heart, convey your love to her.
  • Perfect Valentine Gift for Her: Meet in the memory of love, perfect Valentine's Day gift and an excellent gift for women.
  • Choices: Silver and gold are optional and the pendant is available in two ways, you can wear it in two ways.
  • Zircon Projection: When using the mobile phone camera software to shoot the micro-carved convex surface, the font orientation of the micro-carved content on the screen of the mobile phone is correct; when using the flashlight to illuminate the micro-carving plane, after the projection, the micro-carving content font in the pendant you see is mirror image.
1pc x Projection Necklace