Sandpaper Frame

Sandpaper Frame

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When you are sanding flat surface with nothing, the force from your hand can’t disperse equally, the stress from palm is bigger than fingers’ basically, and the stress of palm works on a little surface while fingers’ works on a point. It is time consuming and the result might not be perfect. 

Introducing your life saver, the Sandpaper Frame, the tool that provides perfect smooth finishing on your craft such as drywall sanding, flat surface of wood, metal, etc. This Sandpaper Frame clamps sandpaper on the surface firmly, provides more grip when you sand by hand, saves your strength and protects your palm. Say goodbye to sore, painful fingers and palm!

The comfortable sponge hand grip and the lightweight itself, you can finish your task in shorter time without worry about hurt your fingers like use to be. It reduce fatigue and increase your efficiency! 

Just some easy steps to load the sandpaper, the jaw clips hold the sandpaper on the sponge pad firmly.