Shear Cutter

Shear Cutter

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The Shear Cutter is an attachment for your cord and cordless drill that can easily cuts through zinc, mild steel plate, stainless steel material and aluminium plate. It makes straight and left cuts on material thickness up to 20-gauge galvanized steel fast and effortlessly. It is also capable of navigating tight curved patterns and squares. The unique offset design keeps both hands away from work surface, offering you extra safety features.

Shear Cutter can be operated using a minimum 1200RPM, 12V cordless or A/C drill. It is not necessary to remove or replace the existing drill chuck as the drive shaft of the shear inserts directly into a standard 3/8 inch or larger capacity drill. Cutting applications include both ferrous and non-ferrous sheet metals, metal roofing/building panels, vinyl, steel mesh, duct work, even the thick metal of furnace jackets, equipment enclosures or automotive body panels.



  • TOUGH: Easily handle long rip cuts in metal roofing, building panels, steel mesh, duct-work, vinyl, and non-ferrous metals
  • VERSATILE: 20 gauge capacity in galvanized steel makes the attachment able to tackle the thick metal of equipment enclosures, furnace jackets, or automotive body panels
  • FAST INSTALLATION: Shear can be directly inserted into the existing chuck of A/C or cordless drill (3/8" or larger)
  • FLEXIBILITY: Capable of navigating tight curved patterns and square cuts, blind cuts require only a 1/2" starting hole
  • NOTE: Requires two hands to operate, metal must be pre-set in place or held by an assistant.