Smart Rope

Smart Rope

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Smart Rope is the latest generation of skipping rope, which comes with more features to track your activities and it goes "ropeless". The "ropeless" feature allows you exercise at any time, even in the narrowest space!

The Smart Rope also comes with calories counter, body weight, timer and jump counter to track your exercise volume. Unlike the treadmill exercise that gives you thick thighs and hump shoulder, skipping exercise allows you to exercise the whole body, keeping your symmetrical.

Yes! For sure if you still not get used to the "ropeless" feature, you can still install the PVC Rope and skip like a normal skip rope! Skip yourself slim!

  • The ergonomically-gripped handles feature a mix of rubber and ABS plastic to prevent the skipping jump rope from slipping even as you sweat away.
  • Designed with a timer, calorie counter, and jump counter. It is accurate, easy to reset and you can also check your history. Assist you to burn fat, lost weight, beauty body and keep healthy.
  • Smart Rope adopt the advanced wireless skipping technology, saving space, avoiding the awkward of the rope wrapped together. You can free yourself from all the shackles, just jump!
  • Continuously skipping for 10 minutes is almost the same as jogging for 25 minutes or 40 minutes swimming, it is an energy-intensive aerobic exercise!