Solar Anion Humidifier

Solar Anion Humidifier

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No matter indoors or outdoors, the particles in the air is threatening our health, weakening and damaging our lungs. Solar Anion Humidifier is an air purifier which utilize negative ion technology without causing any harm to human body at the same time improves car air quality.
3 main functions: They are respectively aroma diffuser function, purifying function, humidification function. Aroma diffuser function can lift your mood and relieve stress. Purifying function is perfect for odors, dust and pollen, generating ionizer to kill bacteria. Humidification function helps relieve discomfort caused by air drying to human body.
3 main modes: The first mode is working for 1 hours constantly, the second mode is spraying 10 seconds to stop 3 seconds, the last mode is spraying 3 seconds to stop 3 seconds.

Solar Anion Humidifier helps to capture the harmful particles, leaving your cars and rooms clean. You can also add in your favorite aroma or essential oil into the humidifier to lift your mood and relieve stress, perfect for removing stubborn smoke or pet odors in your room or car. With solar charging system, this humidifier is energy saving, simple and convenient. In addition, it also can use the car socket/ USB charging. Full charge takes about 3 hours, sustain uses of 6-8 hours. It refreshes and moisturizes the air up to 150 square feet making it easier to breathe and relieving a variety of conditions including cold, nasal congestion, allergies, asthma and more.

How it Works? 
The built in pre-filter capture large particles such as dust and lint, as well as eliminates odors. HEPA filter captures 99.97% of airborne particles such as dust mites, debris, mold spores, plant pollens, and pet dander. Finally, UV-C light technology works to help kill airborne viruses and bacteria while Titanium Dioxide is activated by the UV-C light to decompose odor molecules caused by smoking, cooking, and pets.

Package Contents:
1 x Car Air Purifier
1 x Water Injection Bottle
1 x Car Charger
1 x USB Cable
1 x Car Non-slip mat.

  1. It is recommended that 75 ml of water be added to 1 drop of essential oil.
  2. When not in use for a long time, please cut off the power supply and unplug the plug.
  3. The air purifier charges automatically when you put under the sun, the “power”key gets red at the same.
  4. When filled with liquid, this product can work continuously for about 8 hours to avoid working without water.
  5. Do not move after filled with aromatherapy liquid to avoid liquid seepage affect the circuit board.
  6. Do not use the device when the temperature is lower than 0 degrees, this will cause damages to the device.