Spring Loaded Potato Masher

Spring Loaded Potato Masher

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Creating the perfect texture mashed potatoes is no longer a myth. With the Spring Loaded Potato Masher, you will be able to mash a potato to the exact texture you enjoy. Make thick and creamy or light and fluffy mashed potatoes are easy as 123! You are no longer forced to have a texture you do not like, mash away to the texture you desire!

Mashing food was a daunting task, but with our spring-loaded press type masher, you can use our tool with ease. The handle is long for leverage, spring-loaded for ease, and is equipped with a cupped head to hold your food in place. This masher is perfect for those with arthritis or children who would like to help you cook! This potato masher can be used with any fruit or vegetable you choose. You are no longer limited in your kitchen. Whether you are looking to try out new foods with your meals or trying to save money on creating custom baby foods, this is the masher for you.

Not only did we want to create a tool to speed up your cooking time, but your clean up time as well! With our masher you can smash your food in the same non-stick pot/pan you prepared your food in. Our masher is created with premium polypropylene. This means that you will not damage your cookware and will no longer have to move your food to another bowl, doubling your clean up time. Last but not least, our masher is dishwasher safe.

  • NO LUMP MASHED POTATOES - Our masher is designed to create light and fluffy mashed potatoes, but sturdy enough to tackle any other fruit or vegetable you desire. This includes avocado, banana, sweet potato, cauliflower and much more!
  • SAFE TO USE ON NON-STICK COOKWARE - Premium polypropylene which is a thermoplastic that is safe to use on non-stick pans and pots. You no longer have to boil your potato in one pot and mash in another bowl, saving you time in the kitchen. The masher is also designed to not leave food stuck in any nooks or crannies so you can clean with ease.
  • DESIGNED TO HOLD POTATOES IN PLACE - No more chasing the potato around your bowl with your masher. Our masher is designed to cup the spud and hold it in place while in use. No more slippage!
  • PERFECT FOR MAKING BABY FOOD - Tired of having to spend beau-coup bucks on a small amount of baby food? Now you can make your own! Turn any fruit or vegetable into a smooth and safe texture for your young one.
  • PERFECT FOR ARTHRITIS AND DELICATE HANDS - Our spring press type technology and long handle gives you a strong and leverage that you need in the kitchen. No more feeling like you just got back to the gym after creating mashed potatoes. Our press type masher allows for heavy mashing with little effort on your end!