Squidy Soft Lure (Pack Of 3)

Squidy Soft Lure (Pack Of 3)

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Tried so hard but there's still no catches? Well, this is the must-have lure for your tackle box! Introducing the Squidy Soft Lurethe new generation soft plastic lure that mimics the real action of a squid. This soft plastic lure went under serious research and development to ensure this lure looked, moved and swam just like a real squid. The rolling fins give it a lifelike swimming action while it slides through the water.

Animated GIFRig this soft plastic to a drop rig, use as an addition to a jig or just add a jig head. The options are endless. Squidy Soft Lure is one of the most adaptable and realistic soft plastic squids lures ever made.

  • LIFE-LIKE MOVEMENT: Designed to be the most realistic soft plastic squid ever made. The fins have the most realistic swim action just like a real squid.
  • VERSATILE: Rig this soft plastic to a drop rig, use as an addition to a jig or just add a jig head
  • PACK-OF-3: Comes in a pack of 3!

Package Includes: 3 pcs x Squidy Soft Lure