Tap Drill Set

Tap Drill Set

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This high-speed steel Tap Drill Set provides extra durability to perform multiple drilling operations while maintaining its strength.
It works on multiple materials and surfaces. Suitable for hole drilling, tapping and countersinking in one operation. Drill on copper, brass, aluminum, sheet metal, and so much more.

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Tap Drill Set allows drilling and tapping in one, one-step processing, greatly save processing steps and time costs, improves working efficiency.

  • Complete hole drilling, tapping and deburring (countersinking) in one operation.
  • Applicable to some types of carbon steel and ordinary steel, copper, and aluminum-magnesium alloy drilling hole.
  • Suitable for soft metal tapping, such as aluminum plate, 3-4mm thickness.
  • The advantage is opening, tapping, chamfering.

Package Includes: 6pcs X Tap Drill Bits