Tear-Proof PVC Gloves

Tear-Proof PVC Gloves

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The tough and durable Tear-Proof PVC Gloves are made from high-quality PVC that is comfortable, oil and stain-resistant. The palm of the glove is designed with delicate snail design to increase friction and prevent slip. It's a reusable food-grade glove. It can be used for food making, kitchen washing dishes, bathroom cleaning, household cleaning, car cleaning, gardening. Definitely an essential product of daily life.

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Tear-Proof PVC Gloves are widely used in daily sanitation, beauty salons, house decoration, car cleaning, gardening, and other industries. The gloves should be stored in a dry and dark place to help extend its' lifespan. The inner electrostatic flocking of the gloves has strong moisture absorption and good comfort. Due to ergonomic and aesthetic design, the gloves are easy to wear and take off.


  • MULTIPURPOSE- The gloves are non-toxic and odor-free, environmentally friendly, resistant to high temperature, oil, dirt and easy to clean. Suitable for kitchen cleaning, clothes washing, household cleaning, gardening hairdressing, clothes washing, cleaning windows or gardening work, etc.
  • ANTI-SLIP DESIGN- These gloves come with a textured surface on the palms and fingers to increase friction.
  • FOOD GRADE MATERIAL –These reusable rubber gloves are made of high quality environmentally friendly food-safe PVC waterproof material.
  • COMFORTABLE AND DURABLE - These gloves are designed with thicker material to avoid tearing and puncturing, tough and durable.

Package Includes: 1pair x Tear-Proof PVC Gloves