Tennis Trainer

Tennis Trainer

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A self training tennis kit is here! The Tennis Trainer allows you to play or train your tennis skill even when you're alone! Tennis Trainer comes with a special tennis ball that attached to a rubber rope that returns the ball back to you. 
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The base is made of quality plastic, sturdy and durable, the rubber rope that attached to the tennis ball is highly elastic and durable too. The base of this training kit has a valve for you to fill up with sand or water into it to increase the weight and increase the friction as to provide stable support for training.

The small loop on the side of the device is to attach the rubber rope, and the concave part is the seat for tennis ball. This is definitely easy to use and convenient for training without picking up ball, lightweight and portable, suitable for places like garden, park, etc. 

Material: Plastic + Rubber
Color: Blue
Base Size: approx.15 * 20 * 5 cm / 5.9 * 7.87 * 1.96 inch
Ball Seat Size (Dia): approx. 6.3 cm / 2.48 inch
Elastic Force of Ball: approx. 1.2 m / 3.39 ft
Elastic Force of Bandage: 4 - 8 m / 13.12 - 26.24 ft
Weight: approx. 270 g
Package List:1 * Tennis Trainer Base 1 * Ball with Rope