Travel Scratch Off Map

Travel Scratch Off Map

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The adventure doesn't have to stop when you come back home.

Plan new explorations, relive your adventures and share your experiences with the help of your new scratch the world travel map, in the comfort of your living room!

Take a coin or the included scratch pen, and scratch off the golden foil layer and reveal a whole new exciting and colorful world below. From Argentina to Zimbabwe, all countries are clearly separated with precise border lines and different vivid colors, with all capital cities marked on both layers and 196 scratchable country flags below.

Clean and non-distracting design with clear, easy to read fonts will fit well in any interior from cozy children's bedrooms to modern offices.

  • Track your trips and let all your guests know where you've been to.
  • Plot the holiday of your dreams, or map your personal bucket list.
  • Teach your kids world geography, country flags and the regions of your home country
  • Add some life to that boring plain wall at your home or office.

Or just scratch it all off at once, like a massive lottery ticket!

The scratch-off map is a wonderful gift for all the travelers in your life and will spark a passion to explore the world even in the most home-loving friends or family members. Challenge your buddies to travel more and check who's got the most countries (or states) scratched by the end of the year! Surprise your children and create exciting tasks to make learning geography fun!.

Look no further for the perfect gift for all the travelers in your life!

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