Universal Clip-On Funnel

Universal Clip-On Funnel

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Struggling to hold the funnel while you filling up engine oil?

Animated GIFSometimes standard funnel can be a pain while you are trying to fill in your engine oil, and they tend to spill without support. Well, this invention eliminated the problem! Introducing the Universal Clip-On Funnel, a universal oil funnel that comes with a plier type clamp to support the funnel and fit into the oil filler neck. The clamp keeps funnel in position allowing the user to pour with both hands. The width of the clamp is automatically adjustable from Ø 28 - 74 mm.
It helps to prevent spillage and the ideal transparent lower chamber shows oil flow.

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  • Perfect for any vehicle type, just insert it properly into the tank, pour the liquids and enjoy its leak-free, hassle-free, and tumble-free.
  • No wasteful spilling or pouring, use for car oil changes.
  • Easy to clean and odorless.
  • It can work smoothly on hard to reach areas. sturdy and corrosion-resistant funnel kit manufactured with a premium quality material, it lasts for years to help you on the road!

PACKAGE INCLUDES: 1 x Universal Clip-On Funnel