Vacuum Grooming Brush

Vacuum Grooming Brush

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Still having problem cleaning your house that is full of your pet's hair? It takes time for you to clean them all! Introducing Vacuum Grooming Brush, this groom tool attached to your vacuum and removes loose hair directly from your pet before it's shed around the home.

You might start wondering how to deal with the hair, the collected hair is then sucked straight into the vacuum by just a press on the vacuum head. Totally mess free for your cleaning job with this vacuum-assisted dog grooming tool! It's suitable for long and medium haired dogs. 

Can be used with all Dyson uprights and canister vacuums. However, it is not compatible with cordless, handhelds, DC21 motorhead , DC22 motorhead, and DC23 motorhead.

Compatible Model: 
Dyson DC39 / DC39 Animal Cylinders, Dyson DC65/DC66 Animal Complete, Animal, Multi-Floor, Dyson DC41 Animal Upright, Dyson DC28 Upright, Dyson DC27 Upright , Dyson DC26 Allergy Cylinder, Dyson DC50 Animal and Multi-floor Uprights, Dyson DC47 Animal Cylinder, Dyson DC24 Upright, Dyson DC25 Upright, Dyson DC40 Multi-floor Upright, Dyson DC33 Upright