Vegetable Slicer

Vegetable Slicer

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In fast-food dependent society, eating healthy meals is more and more important in our life. But many people are busy for working and have no time to cook a delicious meal. This Vegetable Slicer is a convenient tool and will help you to cook! This is a high quality vegetable slicer and food slicer.

Made from food grade stainless steel, vegetable slicer blades are extremely sharp and durable. Large diameter inlet and outlet.3 Interchangeable blades to meet your slicing, shredding and grinding functions.

Vegetable slicer is easy to use, the crank handle of the vegetable slicer can be easily detached or attached just by pushing the snap button on the handle. Vegetable slicer also comes with a vacuum silicone suction cup design for convenient cranking while slicing your vegetables.


  • The slicer blades are very sharp. Please be careful when you using it.
  • When cutting food, please use the safety hand guard to protect your fingers.
  • Clean the slicer immediately after use to prevent food from drying on the parts. Do not use more than 60 degrees of water cleaning.
  • Suction cup will only mount on non-porous, smooth surfaces such as glass, etc.


【3 Interchangeable Cylindrical Stainless Steel Blades】 - 3 different interchangeable cylindrical stainless steel blades are excellent for use as vegetable cutter, vegetable chopper, vegetable slicer, fruit cutter, cheese grater & carrot grater, and so on.(1 knife cylinder for grinding food, 1 knife cylinder for cutting silk, 1 knife cylinder for slicing ) With these blades you can make boring salads look interesting by cutting veggies in various shapes and sizes.

【High Efficiency】 - 1 full crank equals to cut 12 times with ordinary knife. The blades are durable and sharp, makes it possible to cut most of food, even the harder root vegetables like sweet potatoes and turnips.

【Safe】 - 100% BPA-free food grade ABS plastic and 3 Sharp stainless steel blades ensure vegetable slicer longevity for everyday use. The slicer keeps your hand away from the food, minimizes risk of spreading germs, make super easy and quick work of creating uniform spirals from fruits and vegetables for curly fries, salads, pasta within seconds.

【Easy to Clean & Space Saving】 - Detachable blades making it super easy to clean. Removing the blade and washing it with warm soapy water and it is ready for another use. The vegetable slicer is compact in design and can easily be stored or kept on your kitchen counter top, occupying hardly any space. For vegetable Julienne, Slicing and Grinding, peeling all functions in one piece of equipment means more room in your kitchen cupboards without mess.